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us. >> parents say their kids have been abandoned. and that they think that the city is to blame. rec and parks, said as of july 1st, that department can no longer provide recreational programming at the center because the facility is not suitable for viable programs. the center is a wing of carter g woodson elementary middle and in the hands of the baltimore city schools. school officials have not decided what to do with the center. in the meantime, dozens of kids have written letters to the mayor, begging for her help. and parents say the mayor is their last option. >> i mean, she is the leader of our on city. she is the one that makes or breaks this community as far as i am concerned. and if she is not behind us, as much as we have been behind her, then, i just, think that's a sad situation. >> as of now, the center will shut its doors this friday. reporting live at city hall. karen parks fox 45 news "late edition". >> a baltimore city woman is denied permission to install a windmill on her roof. she says it would cut energy costs and improve the environment. but neighbors say it i
, and saying to each of us, "you can do it." >> she said it was difficult growing up without a father and credits her uncle was coming through and in praising her family. -- and praising her family. there was our sunday morning program on q&a. >> there is no one in the senate or house that is done more for human rights, civil rights, health and then senator ted kennedy. -- health than senator ted kennedy. if you look every year, there was a major bill dealing with us, having challenges in our community. senator kennedy was there. he was our champion. >> he also weighed in on the controversial rest of the baltimore orioles' rookie. -- the arrest of the baltimore orioles' rookie. the civil-rights leader called for better training for baltimore city policeman handling such a situation. -- baltimore city policemen and police such a situation. >> what a nice day today -- baltimore city policemen handling such a situation. here is what our satellite combination looks like right now. a little shower activity moves off of the beach, still around the cape hatteras area, and that is where the f
institute >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to cover big story in just a minute. testiculate the forecast with sandra shaw. -- let's take a look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> it will feel like fall by next week. i am looking forward to that. as far as today, it is going to be warm out there and nice. we will not have a lot of humidity from the tropical air mass. 69 degrees in york, pennsylvania. we are dealing with a nice, dry airmass. that will continue through tomorrow. mostly sunny skies today. around 84 degrees-88 degrees. and other cool light tonight down into the 60's. we are monitoring something very closely in the tropics. i will get to that in a bit. let's check on traffic. >> we have somewhat of a busy start. in the kings' bill area, some lanes are closed due to a down the pole. we have an accident with possible lane closures in another area. watch for continued closures and due to a water main break near mlk. no word yet on when it may be open. here is a live view of the traffic on i-95 just south of the beltw >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to the big stories in just a moment. first let's check on the weather and traffic. >> it is not going to be feeling like an oven. it will feel more repression out there. by next week, it may feel more like fall. mostly sunny skies today. 72 degrees downtown right now. 64 degrees near the airport. 85 degrees-88 degrees today. we do not have a high heat index today. it will be a dry heat. i have more coming up. >> good morning. we are anticipating more delays today and into the rest of the week. there are some schools in session today. route one is shut down due to some downed wires. no delays to report on the west side of the beltway. we have some delays the building here. when we thought about those in a minute. a water main break in the city near mlk. we anticipate delays around white marsh. it is getting a little bit sluggish there. we move well at liberty. back to you. >> shot and killed by police. >> it happened at a liquor store yesterday. police say they had just issued the man was wanted in the robberies
with the very latest tonight. what can you tell us. >>reporter: well we are live at the corner of north calvert and east meddle street. people who live in the neighborhood call it a dangerous intersection. they say car accidents happen here frequently and of course the latest crash involved michael phelps. now police say a woman driving a honda accord ran a red light and crashed into phelps cadillac escalade suv. now it happened just before 9:00 o'clock last night. police say the honda driver was shaken up. a witness snapped this picture of phelps at the scene sitting on the ground talking with police. he was not hurt. and neither were the 2 passengers. now witnesses say the impact struck the parked car and took out a mailbox at the corner. man walking his dog saw the crash and phelps when he stepped out of the vehicle. >> he was holding his back and limping but they offered himmel attention he said no i'm actually fine. he was walking around bare foot which i thought was a little odd but he was all right. >>reporter: now in 2004 phelps pled guilty to drunk driving charge. mar
the damage that many of you are still cleaning up this morning. megan gillan joins us now with the late east. >> good morning megan. >> good morning patrice. seems everyone got wet yesterday but not everyone is dealing with this today. take a look at what folks in cecil county are waking up to this morning. the clean up started late laugh night after the storm ripped through this neighborhood still has down power lines and broken branchesz covering the streets there. trees were uprooted and thrown around leaving some homeless. this owner says the owner in this place is in their 70's and were forced to move into i a hotel for a while. major structural damage. the tree limbs went through the house. all the roof rafters and shingles, neferg there is wiped out. it will be condemned. >> all morning long we've been getting photos from you in the storm damage in your neighborhoods. take a look at some that scott elton took. see what the strong winds were able to do. we o got pictures in from john and ellen gillan. they captured pictures from the bay. severe weather and they have a lot to clean you.
joins to us explain. >> reporter: jeff, fox45 news has learned tonight officer phrase mccystock is now on administrative duty. her begun and police powers have been taken away as an internal investigation gets underway. the story unfolded last february when officer mckissock reported joseph forestest tried to get her gun during a scuffle. forrest was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer. however, after the officer testified last week, the charges were dropped. >> in our mind, it was inconsistent, there were discrepancies. >> but we knew going in that she had given contradictory statements. >> reporter: although the charges against forrest were dropped in baltimore city, he remains in jail because he was wanted on a warn in howard county. kathleen cairns, fox45 news at 5:30. >> thanks, kathleen. police are currently looking for a montgomery county shoplift. the problem is they don't know if they're looking for a man or a woman. this person stole a $2,000 chanel dress from saks fifth avenue last week. security cameras caught the entire thing and store workers actually tried to
, what can you tell us at this hour. >> jeff and jennifer, live at north calvert and east bittle. police clearing the scene now it was a two car collision. michael phelps and two passengers were traveling in a black cadillac escalade. a woman was driving the other car. the accident happened just before 9:00 tonight. investigators say phelps was traveling east on bittle. the woman was driving north on calvert. the two vehicles collided. and now police are trying to determine exactly what happened. >> we know that there was a collision. two cars driving and collided at the intersection. we will find out if alcohol was a factor. look at red lights. put it altogether. we are literally talking to them as we speak. >> we are back here live. clearing michael's escalade otto truck, and other vehicle behind it. police are now telling us that alcohol was not a factor. phelps was not hurt. he has been questioned. and released. meantime, paramedics did take the woman to the hospital. as a plea caution. again, a collision here in downtown baltimore. involving michael phelps. a woman is hurt. michael
. >> they were carrying weapons on them. and we keep foe using on legislation at the state to get some, to deal with illegal guns. i guarantee you if they caught the guy he would have been out the next day with a slap on the hand. >> police are not are increasing patrols, instead they are changing tactics and being more aggressive. >> we need to be vigilant. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition". >> that brings us to the question of the day. do you feel safe at the insure? at last check, 18 percent of you say yes. 82 percent say no. shaun from shawsville writes, there needs to be tighter security. take this incident as a warning before it is too late. and a life or lives are lost. to read more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> first on fox. more meter madness downtown. this time, it is fueled by a plan to raise the cost of street parking. the proposed rate increase would affect most of downtown, including the inner harbour. metered parking would go from $1 an hour to $2 an hour. and initially with approval to go up to $3 an hour in the mount vern
underway. >> it is serious that we use the police department's resources in a critical area. boat, the helicopter. >> and the commissioner has questions. >> questions about, you know, what resources were used. how were they used. who was involved. >> now there are some cries for cardin to step-down. >> personally, i think he should resign. if this is how he conducts state business. i mean, he should not be representing the people of baltimore county. >> we tried don be tact john karr deny. one of the aides said he is out of state on a trip. he will be back in town on monday. however, he did issue a statement. >> cardin states, i should have considered that city resources would be involved and used better judgment to put a stop to it. >> he has contacted me and offered an apology for putting the baltimore police department in, you know, this kind of predicament and spotlight. >> in canton, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> cardin offered to pay all costs incurred for the stunt. >> a baltimore man is extraditeed to germany to face charges of murder and rape 25 years ago. rob
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us 4 "11 news today." -- for " 11 news today in." >> we are starting to see a change in the forecast. this has been a slow-moving front. a lot of areas for low pressure has developed. we have seen some whitening in some areas especially on the eastern shore. -- lightning in some areas, especially on the eastern shore. 78 degrees-83 degrees is the temperature range for today. we will be " for most of today. -- cool for most of today. tomorrow it will be mostly sunny. feeling really pleasant out there. something to look forward to. over to you. >> good morning. the votes are a little slick out there. we it -- the roads are a little slick out there. some possible delays. a transformer fire on courtney road. the inner loop on the beltway, an accident is off to the side. westbound no. still shut down -- the right lane closed. a week and doing quite well of the rise. we are not seeing any delays this morning. it is slick out there. no problems to report in terms of delays. an easy ride on i-95. that is the latest. >> thank you. as washington wor
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's get a check on the forecast. >> it is going to be a hot one today. typical august weather. it is heating up. yesterday it was not bad. we hit 85 degrees at the airport. we are under a risky air quality to a downtown. it is unhealthy to breathe in. with the humidity, it is not going to feel much better. we are starting out warm in the metropolitan area. 69 degrees at bwi marshall. 63 degrees across the state line in north pennsylvania. as far as their highs today, 87 degrees-91 degrees. it is feeling more humid as the deep. -- dewpoint are starting to creep up. what does traffic look like? >> good morning. we are dealing with one early morning accident on a road. some delays and lane closures. otherwise, traffic is in the green. in nice ride as far richer drive time. 11 minutes on the outer loop north side and west side. and it is a smooth down the 895 split and fort mchenry. we are looking at a nice ride on the i-895 towards the harbor tunnel. that is the latest. back to you. >> good morning. thank you. our big
an investigation to see who approved the use. we have left a number of messages but so far there is no response. we are trying to track down the head of the state ethics commission. one man is dead and another hospitalized after an early- morning stabbing in college park. officers were called to check on to people in the 8900 block of rhode island ave. there is no word on the condition of the other men involved. the howard county sheriff's department is offering a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest of a prisoner that escaped custody. they have only received one tip. he was being transported thursday night when he used his handcuffs to choke a sheriff's deputy before fleeing on foot. if you have any information on his whereabouts, you are asked to call the sheriff's office. callers can remain anonymous. a truck carrying milk overturned and we were over the scene just after 10:30 a.m.. police say the driver was making a delivery to a local wipe -- local waffle house when it put a wire and overturned. there were no injuries. a 55-year-old woman was charged of operating a boat under the influence of o
her and drove off. it's a great tragedy for someone coming to join us for worship and celebrate their spiritual life. it's a later thing. police found nor wood and his vehicle here later. he was detained for questioning. vehicles move quite fast. many know as they come and go, they need to bre very careful. accidents happen very frequency. police do not think speed was a factor in the crash. the throw men accused of killing harris are set to go on trial. the suspects have all pled not guilty in the murder. >> police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man in oweings mill. investigators were called to the home. the man had died. they do say this is now a homicide investigation. police in howard county are searching for a man who was shot at a birthday party. call police with information. investigating what lead up to a triple stabbing in east baltimore. the girl, a man and woman were found suffering from stab wounds. >> firefighters are found on the scene. city fire crews are credited with recently installing smoke alarms. in east baltimore, crews new t
to tell us know about the tropical storm danny. >>> yes, danny. as it moves up along the eastern shore -- not the eastern shore but near the eastern seaboard, north carolina it could be a hurricane, and tailing off to the north and east, but it could bring heavy rain for the weekend. >> oh, jeez. >> umbrellas. >> yes, absolutely. >> before we get there, tonight, the rides at the state fair, maybe some light showers and thunderstorms around. >> oh, no. >> spotty, so we hope not not to see that. before you get on those rides, you're maybe taking a bus to school. 70 degrees, partly cloudy skies, that is the way it is heading out this morning. 76 degrees downtown looking at the temperatures in the mid-60s throughout the area. sky watch radar indicating showers through pennsylvania for now. later in the day there could be a couple of isolated chances for showers and even a thunderstorm. we don't expect anything that strong. as we put things into motion in the future scan model, a better chance for showers for thunderstorms comes tomorrow as we get the influence of the thunderstorms, the fro
. he spoke to us by phone from new york. >> mr. shriver was really an authentic american hero. the work that she did touched honestly millions and millions and millions of lives and when you look at the shriver family between special olympics and the peace corp. and best buddies, they really apit mize what public service is all about. mr. shriver was such a role model for so many people around the world, certainly in our local area and this is a huge loss for our community. >> she met him en he was a classmate. we have much more coverage of the life and legacy of eunice kennedy shriver on our website, attached to the story you'll find a slide show and the entire statement issued by the special olympics about her passing. >> a woman who went to check on a relative's cat end up the victim of rape. it pp haedenin loudoun county whe e erthedsheriff's departmen is looking for help in solving the case. peggy fox has the story. >> i can't believe something like this would happen. >> in this area. >> you wouldn't expect a crime like this to happen out here, where fiel
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. might give us less time. >> might be a bigger issue if they increase the ticketing policy. but i don't think a few dollars here or there, you know, at the rate it will make that big of a difference. >> well, we are back here live. no one from the parking authority returned our calls today. meantime, again, rate hike is not a done deal yet. the board of estimates has to approve it. we're live in downtown baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right, keith that brings us to the question of the day is the city's plan to raise parking fees an attempt to raise more revenue. 89 percent say yes. 11 percent say no. dee writes, this is an effort to take more from the people that are hurting right now. the city -- does city hall care we are in a recession? when will it stop? more responses tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> police are looking for more suspects tonight in a hate crime that left a 76-year-old man hospitalized. the victim just wrapped up a fishing trip when he was suddenly attacked. crime and justice reporter joy lepola has the story. >> 76-year-old james
lapped avenue. police tell us one person was shot. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we of course bring you more information as it becomes available. >>> mean time the shooting of man in northwest baltimore is now a homicide investigation. victim was shot around 1:30 this morning in the 4400 block of bell avenue. man later died from the injuries. police are still looking for suspects. >>> massive fire at row of town homes in essex left 30 people homeless tonight. investigators are labeling the blaze an accident. kathleen joins us now with more. kathleen. >>reporter: it is blamed on a candle that fell off a nightstand. luckily nobody was hurt but half dozen units destroyed. late night fire ripped through the town homes on spice wood court quickly. luckily everyone was able to escape from the flames. this place resident spent most of the day trying to salvage the few items not destroyed by the fire. >> i thank god i was not in there and i thank god i'm alive today. material things can be replaced. boy, this is hard. >>reporter: the complex management is helping di
in hagerstown hosted by democratic u.s. senator ben cardin. before the event, he told reporters he hoped the capacity crowd of 440 would honor the spirit of the town hall forum. >> it is not for demonstrations. it is to get information out, and we hope that those in attendance will be respectful of the people that are there and allow the questions to be asked. >> his office told us they tweaked the format to get in more questions from the crowd, a crowd repeatedly asked to calm down and be respectful, a crowd which kept cardin on the defense. >> how will you look at my children and tell them that they will have a better future? i am not going to vote for any bill that adds to the national debt. >> did the senate to change any minds? the post-game shows this crowd laughed as divided as it went in. >> center court and listen to us, but he did not hear us. -- senator cardin. >> i thought it was very well done. >> he had his mind made up before he got here. >> while some pundits have questioned the sincerity of the outrage and a genuine interest in all these town hall meetings, the numbers s
helicopter accident on i-70. >> baltimore's hospital shift. how the u.s. ns comfort was welcomed home earlier tonight. >> and senior athletes. why age certainly is not the only thing remarkable about these women. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer has tonight off. crime and justice report are tonight. criticism over the arrest of 17-year-old lamont davis. >> davis is behind bars charged with attempted murder. following the shooting of a 5-year-old and another child. the man overseeing the department of juvenile services spoke to fox 45 to discusses gps monitoring and whether it works in keeping the public safe. >> we have seen a lot of success with this. and, i believe, we will continue to. you will always have some sensationalized stories like lamont davis. >> davis was being monitored. the gps manufacturer said the device can only track offenders if the ankle device is charged. but davis' case proves that there are limitations. >> you know, there are ways that you can get around th
with killing a security guard at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum is scheduled to appear this week in court. he was indicted back in july, but been hospitalized since then, with wounds he suffered in the shootout. investigators say von brunn has been active in white supreme sift groups. >>> democrats and republicans are agreeing that the loss of senator ted kennedy will be felt. on saturday, he was buried next to his brothers at arlington national cemetery. friends and family members made the rounds paying tribute. >> all the time, as he says, despite the tragedies. despite as he said his own mistakes, you can keep fighting. as a niece and a member of this family, it was important for all of us to see our uncle in the toughest times always keep fighting. never giving up, and saying to each of us, you can do it too. inspiring us, and helping us, and building us. i'm telling you, you know, we were -- >> the daughter of robert f. kennedy. she says his legacy will be fighting for those who couldn't fight for themselves. >> my favorite memory of him is, once i went sailing with my father and him
. ♪ ave maria >> he was given the gift of time and he used that gift to right as many wrongs as the years would allow. >> while it may have posed a challenge to my physical health it propped up my emotional health because it kept my father by my bedside. >> i love you, dad. i always will. i miss you already. ♪ for beautiful >> thank you for sharing the senator and so much of his life with us. >> just a few of the memorable moments from the funeral mass and buehrle for senator ted -- and burial for senator ted kennedy. >> 11 news washington bureau reporter nicole killion has our story. >> we begin in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. >> family and friends of edward kennedy gathered for one last time to say good-bye. the senator's final words read in a letter, he said, to the pope just before he died. >> i know that i have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my faith, i have tried to right my path. >> they capped off a day of farewell that through the streets of washington included an emotional stop at the nation's capitol. >> this country outpoured
the harbor with the very latest. >>reporter: police sources tell us that surveillance camera have not been helpful. that's because it was so crowded here when that shooting occurred on saturday night. still they say they do have several leads in the case. midday monday. >> i don't think i would be coming down here for dinner. >>reporter: carter from north carolina. >> maybe after dark i would be more concerned. >>reporter: many tourist are talking about the shooting inside the light street pavilion saturday night. police say it was a gang feud that led to the gunfire. the mayor blames weak state law and lenient judges for churning out repeat offenders. >> they were carrying weapons on them. that's why we keep focusing on the legislation at the state to give some to deal with illegal guns. i guarantee you they caught that guy he would have been out the next day. slap on the hand. >>reporter: police say they are not increasing patrols. instead they are changing tactics and being more aggressive. >> we need to be vigilant. >>reporter: officials at harbor place tonight say that they
builds in today. it brings us a pretty day. that will be the way for the remained main defer the day. wait 'til tomorrow. big changes on the way. the heat and humidity starts to clievment chance of thunderstorms comes your way and what you see now will be a different picture as thunderstorms move into the forecast then and temperatures by sunday and into monday climbing well into the mid 90's. more on that coming up in a few minutes. right now candice haze look at what's happening on the roadways with traffic edge. >> thank you steve. good morning. as you're traveling out on the main line, so far we're in the green and loving that for friday morning. starting on south 95 from mountain road heading to 69 5 , right now a ten minute commute. and good news on # five through the city. we just cleared out an accident on the southbound laindz lanes on o could be nel street. right noi now a five minute commute and approaching the downtown region on the southbound side of the jxf on 69 5 , so far a 15 minute right ride there. keep in mind though we still have dealing with the broken water mai
there was no need to taser her and her children during a traffic stop last year. >> county police used the taser and filed criminal charges against her for a rigorous six weeks ago she was found not guilty on the charges. good -- criminal charges against her. six weeks ago she was found not to be on the charges. >> i had wine at dinner, but that was it. >> it was a year ago. alicia was returning home from a family dinner when she ran through a police radar. police say she ignored their sirens. she said she could not hear it because her children were singing. she eventually did stop. she says the police officers angrily ordered her from the car. >> when he grabbed me from the car, he looked with a flashlight in my eye, and it shocked me, and my elbow not his flashlight out of his hands. >> she felt what happened next. >> of burning kind of electricity going through your stomach. i basically said, i cannot believe u.k.'s -- you tased me. they wanted me to take sobriety tests. i said no. when i said i was not going to take it, they said i was under a rust. >> she says police tried to handcuff her a
cardin told us tonight. >> heat and humidity. what the next front could bring us in the sky watch forecast. >> and plans for indy cars to actually speed through downtown baltimore. the twist and turns of the baltimore grand prix. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. paying more to park downtown. how much more it could cost you to feed the meter. >> a plan on the table now could double the cost. it has some drivers seeing red are tonight. keith daniels live downtown with the story you are seeing first on fox on. keith? >> jeff, take a look at this. if the plan is approved it would include meter boxes like this one, and, of course, those standing meter boxes, with the twisting knobs. it is just before rush hour in downtown baltimore. anthony wheeler has stopped to park on park avenue. he fed the meter. >> i think two quarters. >> 50 cents at a parking meter. new concept for willard. >> i actually moved here from montana and we are not used to having to pay anything to park. >> so
and medicaid. >> i think it is a fabulous legacy for him, and something all of us in maryland and around the country might be -- should be quite thankful for. senator ben cardin says that his skills were key to legislation that changed our nation for ever, including the civil rights act of 1964, the voting rights act of 1965, the americans with disabilities act, title 9, education reform, and increases in the minimum wage. >> these are legacies of senator kennedy. there are so many things we can look at in our daily lives where he had a positive influence. >> there are currently thousands of children enrolled in medicaid. reporting from the studio, wbal tv 11 news. >> and tonight, nbc nightly news will be extended to a full hour. it begins at 6:30. an in-depth look of senator kennedy's life and the impact he had over five decades. it is a full hour of nightly news, immediately following the newscast. >> into night's -- in tonight's project economy report, more than 200 state employees will lose their jobs. john sherman joins us with more. >> this is the sixth time this year the o'malley
. a reminder, ted kennedy served in the u.s. military. many have never known that without the kennedy in the senate. >> it's a time and memory and just means a lot to them to your kennedy family and all that they have contributed to us. and to that country. >> we should all do something good in this country and not just stand back. they gathered at the family compound for a private mass overlooking the ocean, ted kennedy once loved to sale. >>> and then the half dozen or so vehicles, began the long slow 70 mile trip to boston. they went their way out there in their life. and that is where he announced their bid for the presidency in 1980. and the ceremony will be on saturday at articlington national cemetery. for the next two days, he will lie out there to propose that in boston massachusetts and people are already lining up to pay their final respects. they will actually extend the hours if there is call for more time for people to say good- bye. >> from what we have seen today, there will be. >> they now have an open senate seat for the first time in 25 years. now the questions are,
>>>captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> i was shaking. i was scared to death. >> severe storms rip through parts of this region what it was like when the storm blew through. >>> it's been one week since both teens were shot at a cookout. see how the neighborhood has changed. >>> damaging storms move out of the region. i'll tell you if we have another chance for severe weather later this week in my forecast. >>> mason back in action for the ravens what brought him back to the purple and black. >>> hello. i'm jeff barns. jennifer is off tonight. >>> strong winds and drenching rain hit parts of the region. karen parks gives us a close look at the damage there. >>reporter: the cleanup began. after a storm ripped through the area this morning. >> it sounded like a big gust of wind. >>reporter: richard and niki were inside their home at the time. >> i opened up the front door and um, to look outside and i could see our tree bend way over. >>reporter: debris surrounds their home and their siding torn off. >> the roof shingles wer
. hopefully nobody's handing him his approval ratings. brian: they're not strong. for him, anyway. used to be at 70%. for a while it was 60%. right now if you go on the weekly ratings, the weekly poll with galup -- and they've been doing this for a while, the galup family. his approval rating is 52%. that's a significant drop considering where it was. last month it was at 59%. it was really before, eric, this whole health care debate began. eric: o'reilly put this out last night. he was 40% of the people polled in rasmussen strongly disapproved. i mean strongly, not just disapproved. only 28% strong lay proved. -- strong lay proved. there's a real movement with people getting more and more upset with how he's handling the health care debate. gretchen: there's been little flip in people who describe themselves as liberals. as you might expect. the same would have been true for the most part for george bush, that the ardent supporters probably aren't going to change their mind. however, the two key groups, the independents -- remember, this is how barack obama got elected, because so muc
the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if he had been texting or using his cell phone. but they found no evidence of any of those things. they also added it is possible the sun played a role but they have no concrete evidence to believe that was a factor either. >> there's no conclusions as to. that the operator says he didn't see them. we don't have any evidence that suggests otherwise. >>reporter: with the attorney representing both families just a while ago he says while the families are satisfied with the investigation, they are not happy with the mta and coming up later tonight we tell uc they are already talking about filing a lawsuit. leave in lutherville, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> 2 overnight shootings leave 5 people injured tonight. the first occurred in the 200 block of dallas court before 11:30 last night. police arrived on the scene to find 2 men shot one in the face. the other in the foot. both are expected to be okay. >>> 3 people were shot about an hour later in the 3700 block of glen moore avenue in northeast baltimore. police say one victim shot in the back. o
passing day. he is a catergory ii hurricane now. >> but he is going to leave us alone, right? >> that remains to be seen. by the end of the week is when he would have an influence on the eastern seaboard, but there's a chance he may curl out to sea. you may be correct, but we may have to watch it closely. around here it's mainly the hot temperatures we are having to deal with. right now it's 76 degrees in baltimore and the surrounding areas also in the 70s. will you see showers trying to make their way into the west, a few of them have made their way into garrett county. 20% chance for later in the afternoon, especially. let's time it out here in the future scan model, you will see the shower chances increasing through the later part of the day. it looks like it's throughout the region indicated by all of that green, but it's going to be more of an isolated incident around 5 to 10:00 p.m. and closer to 10:00 p.m., and eastern shore maybe until 10:00 p.m. we're going to see repeated or some definite distinct chances throughout the area at different times through the day. they
on authorized, kind -- in humane techniques were used. >> the program has to have rules. you cannot have people who are freelancing. >> it says that khalid sheikh mohammad was waterboarded. while questioning a man that plotted an attack, investigators used a gun and a powerl gir and implied his mother would be sexually assaulted. >> it shows an agency that was entirely out of control, and it was out of control by design. >> the details of the report prompted the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor. >> he decided it was extreme and off and he was troubled by some of the past investigations and thought they did not look into it thoroughly enough. >> the investigator is believed never to have lost a court case. >> he will not allow politics to influence the investigation. >> today the cia director said he will stand up for those who followed the guidelines at the time. >> anybody who conducted actions that were sanctioned should not be prosecuted. the decision on who should be prosecuted are up to the attorney-general. >> one cia official is quoted in this reported seen 10 years from
morning. thanks for joining us. today is thursday, august 13th. kenny burns is in for vacationing angie goff. he will have the traffic in a moment. kim martucci is here and i love this time of the year because i'm ready for football and fall. >> fall foliage and all the fun things that come with fall, minus the rogue crazy snowstorms. we will put those on hold. it will be 86 today. good morning, everybody. by the way, stay tuned later in the show we have adorable penguin video. yes. let's get started. look around outside. we have partly cloudy skies over us. more clouds to the east toward the delmarva this morning out there is a stalled front. i was talking to my friend at my live chat room at my blog, scott. he is interacting with us from norfolk they got six or seven inches all at once down there. we are not dealing with that. isolated thunderstorm chance to the east today and south. middle 80s over the district with a northeast wind five to ten. headachierstown has joined the crowd with the 70s. 71 washington county, maryland. 72 andrews. 75 dc and over to cambridge and the eastern
hall road and miller road. as a result you will want to use 95 instead. it's getting busy but so far in significant issues to talk about. on the southbound lanes from mountain road heading toward 695, right now we're only looking at an 11 minute clip. 95 through the city at the fort mchenry tunnel. we are in excellent shape. if you're going to approach the downtown region from 695 it's going to take 15 minutes. we have the broken watermain that completely shuts down saratoga street between green street, and martin luther boulevard. that's a look at the morning commute. back to you. >>> baltimore raven tony fein says he is innocent. the rookie linebacker was arrested sunday for assaulting a police officer after someone thought they saw him pass a handgun at a restaurant at the inner harbor. now some say he was racially profiled. megan gilliland joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, fein's attorney says that his client was targeted by police because he is black and because of the hoody was wearing now fein speaks out for himself. the large
in the shoulder. it happened last night in cherry hill. john sherman joins us live from city police headquarters with more on the story. >> police insist this was a random, accidental shooting. the police commissioner has known the victim for years. >> it is absolutely ridiculous that people are still suffering this way. >> this is cherry hill community leader shirley folks'home, and this is the bullet hole. last night, a random shot passed through here and into her shoulder. >> incredibly unfortunate and horrible that miss shirley is sitting in her house and she gets hit by stray bullet. >> he came to know mrs. shirley during his time leading the southern district. >> here is a lady who has dedicated a big chunk of her adult life to making the neighborhood say for -- safer. we are going to get on top of this and hold those responsible and accountable. >> as to speculation she may have been targeted for past support of the police, the commissioner says there is simply no evidence. >> she is a great partner to of us. people need to be clear. this is not a case where she got hit because she had a
joins us. most of the people couldn't get into the meeting. were there any issues outside because of it. >> reporter: marybeth, no altercations, but plenty of spirited debate. at times it was almost like a carnival atmosphere. horns blaring, signs waving, and people defending their views on the health care debate. >> what do we want? health care! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> reporter: it was in-your- face democracy outside the meeting at towson hall university. people as far away as rockville and fort washington rallying in 90-degree heat to sound off on the health care debate. >> if we don't approve of what congress and senate do, then we need to tell them. and they need to listen. >> i'm not saying i agree with everybody screaming about what they're screaming about. but it's nice to see people engaged in politics. >> reporter: while opponents of health care reform clearly outnumber supporters, both sides were frustrated by the lack of access to the meeting. >> we're trying to have a say and they're not allowing us to. >> reporter: while shut out of the meeting, they weren't stopp
: they say they have given up lot already, and if the state were to use layoffs to help close a budget hole, it would hurt a lot of families. >> no layoffs, no furloughs, no cuts in benefits. no cuts period, because right now is the time when state employees are needed more than ever when there is a demand for services is not a good time to cut. >> reporter: while the unions continue to wrestle with the governor to try to preserve jobs, the state has to fill a huge hole in the budget. hundreds of millions of dollars have to be cut by labor day, and the only thing that hasn't been cut so far has been jobs. the governor's staff now says state agencies have to take a close look at low-priority programs and pull in resources, including personnel. >> we've asked agencies to look at operating businesses in their operations a little bit differently. we said every agency doesn't need a pio officer, every agency doesn't need a governmental person. maybe you can share the resources. >> reporter: but lawmakers say they want to make sure that the state is looking at all options here, and not just jobs
would have put us all in jeopardy at a later date and other people, too. because he is the kind of individual, if he had gotten out, i feel certain he would have come back on us for retaliation. >> reporter: montgomery county police caught garcia when they found jewelry taken in the home invasions that were inside his apartment. the jury in the case only deliberated for about an hour and a half back in may before convicting garcia. they said dna found at several of the cme scenes was the key piece of evidence. garcia maintains his innocence. he is a thief, not a murder. he says he will appeal. sarah. >>> now to breaking news in northwest, where nearly two dozen kids are being treated for bee stings. after two separate attacks in rock creek park today. fox 5 is live with the latest for us. tell us what's going on out there. >> reporter: at 3:00 today, a group of kids from a boys and girls club in washington, d.c. were here. they were walking on a trail when we are told that they upset some kind of nest of bees. 14 kids ended up getting stung. they were taken by what's called a
joins us live with the details. >> reporter: this is a very prosperous upper northwest neighborhood in d.c. now called spring valley but it used to be a weapons testing area as you've mentioned. some of the houses are no longer prosperous. this house behind me isan abandoned road because you see the backhoe in the front yard. they were digging in a pit and they found a fliiveg in the pit, an uncorked flask. inside that traffic was a solid substance. they brought it to the edgewood airs until in maryland. the chemical agent mustard was that solid substance in the flask. that was used to make mustard gas during world war i. the army corps said they had air monitors at the site and they are were not activated during the removal and they think there has been no danger to the public. this whole neighborhood in the early 20th century was a rural part of tease. it used to be called the american university experiment station. sixteen years ago, after all the houses were built in the 40sings 50s and 60s, chemicals an arsenic were found in the soil. many of these houses are -- some of these houses
best moves. >>> looking ahead to 7:00 now, a soul artist who used to be with the group tony, tony, tony is in town and we ill join us live in studio -- and he will join us live in studio this morning. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour in for gurvir. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> we'll say good morning to tony perkins this morning. it is quite a bit cooler than we had earlier this week. >> it is like fall. this will be short-lived. >> let's not rush changes too much. >> no, no, no, we'll have a nice day but summer returns for loo k tak a aook at the satellite-rar for our region. it t is quprettyiequiet. there are clouds out there to the west as tucker barnes was mentioning just a rthos time ago. our regional temperatures, awe quite cool start, 65 degrees here. 70 up in new york city and 70 in norfolk, virginia. pittsburgh at 56 degrees this hour. not a bad hostart to careorfo f sunshine. warmer than yesterday but belowe normal temperature. high about 85 degrees in the district. 86
over a marriage proposal that used taxpayer resources. on august 7th, on board a friend's boat in the harbor, cardin admits to using a police helicopter to fake a police raid. it was meant to throw his fiance off guard before popping the question. >> my command staff folks have instructed their subordinates to begin an investigation. >> reporter: they are supposed to be used to combat crime. >> i don't know, though, that this is much beyond the scope of a couple of officers who used poor judgment. and i'm going to reserve much more comment until i know more of the facts. >> reporter: an aide for delegate cardin tells eyewitness news that the delegate is unavailable for questions because he is currently out of town. but here at his home, a handyman told us he has been in contact with cardin with a cell phone. once again, we asked that aide to pass along the request for a interview. >> reporter: instead, they released a statement that said, i should have considered that city resources should have been involved and used better resources. i would reimburse the city for whatever co
>> they found illegal doses of propofol. this is a powerful anesthetic, typically used at hospitals for surgery. they found it in dr. conrad murray's bags. according to the investigation, he told investigators he had been giving michael jackson the propofol to treat sleeplessness. >> i have done all i can do. i told the truth. and i have faith, the truth will prevail. >> reporter: the warrant also states that dr. murray was worried that jackson was adijted to -- addicted to the drug and was trying to get him off of it. but after jackson repeatedly demanded the drug, he gave him some, and jackson died. >> reporter: while jackson's death is considered a homicide, so far, no one has been charged and no one has been arrested. >> michael jackson was 50 years old. he is scheduled to be buried next month. >>> back here in maryland, police are investigating the murder of a man found shot in his baltimore county home. adam may explains, there was no forced entry to the home, making the homicide even more puzzling. adam? >> reporter: yeah, sally, and a very unusual neighborhood. police say th
. >> our coverage doesn't end here. go to and tell us what you think and look for the web poll on our home page and posted the entire press conference there for you. >>> out of metro, two bus drivers have been fired. another re-enstated following investigations into several recent incidents. the driver back on the job was accused of talking on the cell phone. spencer said an investigation revealed the driver was calling metro to report a mechanical problem and the bus was not moving. as for the fire driver, one is accused of refusing to let a customer off the bus after a verbal dispute. the other was busted driving a su-- suspended license. >>> another sports star making headlines, gold medal swimmer michael phelps was involved in a car accident in baltimore. he was driving an suv last night when another car ran a red light crashing into him and no one was hurt, alcohol was not a factor in the crash. >>> a former area police chief is going to jail. david baker spent 19 years as alexandrea's police chief and a dui charge ended his career. he plead guilty to drunk driving. k
in place using the internet, whether it is just for a few students or the entire school. >> the cdc also says in the case of severe outbreaks, school districts may want to actively screen students for the virus each day in addition to singing -- ceding them further apart in class. >> studies of the swine flu vaccine will start next week at the university of maryland school of medicine. 67 young adult volunteers, 67 senior citizens will get a detailed screening an orientation on monday. if they can sense, they will get a two shot three weeks apart. if it is found to be saved, the vaccine will be tested on kids. they're looking for more seniors to volunteer. the deputy secretary for public health services will be a guest tomorrow morning on our q&a segment. he will talk about the swine flu. if you have any questions about it, sent them in. >> it is nine minutes after the hour. when an economic news coming up. it is good. -- we have economic news coming up, and it is good. >> now is the time to buy a smart fun -- smart phone if you have extra money. >> that is the newest dolphin at the aqua
accused of shooting a 5-year-old girl. megan gilliland joins us with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. the attorney for lamont davis, says the video you're about to see, proves that his client is innocent. it proves that his client is not the one who shot a 5-year-old girl. lamont davis faces first degree newer defirst-degreefirst degre. but davis who had been arrested 15 times before says he is innocent and his attorney says he has the evidence to prove it. the department of juvenile service, says quote, we placed him on gps, the highest sanction the department has and we were monitoring him in realtime. attorney lynwood says it is that gps system that will help him prove his case. this video shows a man walk along pulaski street and opening fire. you see the crowd of people hovering a young child, but the video shows a shooter who is not wearing one of these gps units. one part is worn and the other monitors movement. the defense says that this shooter is only wearing socks. the shooting happened on july second, but it wasn't until july 16th that
the service will be held. they have done a security check all morning long. what can you tell us about what is going on there this morning? >> good morning. families and members of congress are meeting here at the library. we want to show you a live picture of the widow of ted kennedy. she is reading some of the delegates today from the house and the senate. they will make their way out to the church in a short time. the boisterous senator from massachusetts and the youngest of nine in the kennedy family, suddenly had a special connection to this place where he came when his daughter was getting treated for cancer and then returned when he was diagnosed with cancer. now, once again, he returns. to more senator ted kennedy's upset and celebrate his life. a high mass at this boston church. president barack obama will deliver the eulogy. on the eve of the funeral, colleagues and family gathered for a private memorial at the jfk library. an emotional night and those who knew him best. a lifelong friend. >> [unintelligible] be at peace my friend. >> to colleagues on both sides of the aisle. >> i
of us have to wait for the real weekend. rehobeth, we have a walker out there on the boardwalk, 72 degrees. and back to baltimore. we have clear skies and a little bit haze around there. and look at the fog in westminster. wednesday the winds are north, northeast. that is just stall ago cross central maryland and the bay. and we brought in some showers overnight. and we have clearing around parts of the beltway where we had fog develop north and south of annapolis in the bay bridge and eastern shore with the shower overnight. and the patchy fog gives way to a partly sunny morning. and some scattered shower popping up this afternoon with a 2-degree guarantee high of 83. but it will remain in the 70s north and west of town. but right now, we've got to get to thursday. -- get through a thursday. >>> the bw parkway is running without any incident. southbound 29 looks good. in howard county, the crash is on the scene in ellicott city as eastbound route 100 approaching route 29, you'll see the police there. it should not cause you any delays. and kateville, an accident off the side of th
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